I  create high quality 360 degree interactive images of most anything so you can display those images on your web site.
VRI movies provide users the opportunity to learn more about your product -- the shape, the material and the size. 
See all three
VRI movies below.




Viewers can manipulate the viewing angle by clicking their mouse on the image and dragging it left or right.

Here are questions asked about
Virtual Reality Imaging

I help my clients communicate, educate, and sell
more effectively to their customers with
Virtual Reality Imaging

What are the advantages of VRI over conventional still photography?

Quite simply the third dimension!

I believe that the writing is on the wall for conventional photography. While my studio can still produce still images for advertising and industry, clients are increasingly turning to VR imaging to produce exciting and interactive images for web sites and multimedia presentations. "A picture is worth a thousand words" as they save a lot of unnecessary explanation.  By adding a third dimension, customers can interact with your product more, encouraging them to buy.

VRI photography is a powerful medium, which allows objects and scenes to be viewed on computers, as though they are in 3D. The viewer can rotate objects or turn their viewpoint within scenes in real time as seen at the top of the page. These are perfect for learning more about the object from a marketing, informational, training, or educational perspective.

How large / small can an object be in a VRI movie?

As long as I can physically hold, rotate in my hand and focus on an object I can make a movie of it. I have the facilities available to hold objects down to an inch and up to the size of 20 square inches.

I am always after a challenge though!  I am working on the technology to rotate a fire truck just like the movies above.

Can you have sound in our movies?

Yes you can. Basic '.wav' files can be added to VRI movies to provide detailed voice commentary or just background sound/music.

NOTE: If you use commercial music on your VRI movies make sure you have copyright clearance and can provide me a copy of the documentation for this!!

How does the cost of an Object VRI movie vary with the number of frames/photographs required?

"Most of the cost of an object VRI movie is made up of 

1) The time to set the object up in the required axis of rotation;

2) The time of taking each of the photographs required;

3) The time to individually cut and trim each frame

The costs is mostly down to the number of photographs required and hence the number of frames.  To produce a top quality image the photographs have to be taken in a specially designed studio and individually cut out before being used.  The more frames the smoother the movie flows.  Generally most objects require 36 frames to make a very good-looking movie.

How long does it take to produce an Object VRI movie?

It can take many hours to produce VRI object movies, depending on how complicated the movement is and the number of photographs required. The basic VRI object movies capture 36 frames and stitch the images to create the files with click and drag mouse control!  I have the facilities and equipment to produce about 500 still photos, and 4 high end VRI object movies a month.

While I pride myself on producing some of the best VRI object movies in the Midwest, I realize that clients have different requirements. Most of my very high end object movies are digitally cutout, frame by frame, in my studio - to produce a crisp (typically white) background. While this produces a nice finish to the final movies, it is also extremely time-consuming and therefore adds to the cost of the movie. These are shot on a modified rig and many time have to be shot over and over again to get the correct rotation per frame. The time is reflected in the total cost of the final movie. These movies are a sensible option for clients wishing to use quantities of 3D imaging for on-line catalogues - e.g. ceramics giftware or engineering components.

Is VRI technology expensive?

Put simply, NO!
I charge only $5.00 per frame (still) plus $70.00 studio setup.

A typical 36 frame movie will run $250.00 and can be ready within 2 weeks.

It is less than standard commercial photography. Naturally, larger corporate clients tend to go for more expensive and complex 3D images; in the same way one would expect them to use higher quality photography in advertising and sales literature. However, entry-level VRI, as seen above, can still be of high quality and is relatively inexpensive and can be used in a number of ways - for example in sales meetings, trade shows, web sites etc. - so you can get a "lot of bang for your buck"! 

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